I am not a blogger nor do I intend to be one (yet), but these few words, might inspire someone else.

So, what does it take to resign after 12 years?

Let me start with the most important fact, that it took nearly 3-whole months to take the plunge and decide to take the first step in telling by amazing ex-boss (and not saying this because she will be reading this) that I felt it was my time to move on. After mentally saying it out loud, things did get easier, however only up to a certain point.

Once the ball is in your court, you need to go through another ordeal of mental emotions. This is what I went through

  • updating the CV; this task is not easy to anyone who hates talking about himself, despite being confident.
  • analysing what I can and cannot do: I always felt I was a bit of jack-of-all-trades-and-a-master-of-none.his could be due to the fact that I’ve grown in a small company, with few people, that had to juggle and learn to do stuff; is great – but how do you approach bigger companies who want someone SUPER experienced in what they do?
  • meeting potential new bosses and knowing that whatever path you will decide to take might not necessary mean for the good.
  • knowing you will start again from knowing everything and being on top to knowing nothing and with an empty inbox.
  • not hearing any kind of news from HR departments: I find this being the worst motivational aspect for job seekers. When you have big companies, who do not bother to reply with a “Hey Candidate, we have really enjoyed talking to you, but we don’t like you.”

yet, you know that “If you’re serious about change, you have to go through uncomfortable situations & stop trying to dodge the process. It’s the only way to grow.” – Unknown

Apart from the above, as the law states I had a total of 3 months notice. This period is another rollercoaster of sadness, happiness, boredom, excitement and many other weird feels.

What happens when your comfort zone have been stretched to a point of no return?

“Anyone who has grown mentally, physically or spiritually knows that growth is not found in comfort.” – Unknown. There are tons of reasons why people decide it is time to move on, especially after 12 years, however my main reason was all about this blessed comfort zone. Although the word comfort zone doesn’t have the same meaning for everyone, I, however, felt I’ve grown out of the bubble and needed to challenge both my brains and my attitudes.

Why do I compare “ME” with a “BUTTERFLY”?

I’ve joined the company as an egg; where I didn’t know much, but of course I always wanted a career in technology. Somehow I landed at AcrossLimits where people there started believing in me quickly.

After few years, I could compare myself to a caterpillar, where I had more responsibility added in my “inbox” and on my shoulder.

Although this doesn’t visually seem like the nice thing from the butterfly cycle, as time went by I became more of a chrysalis and reached the end of a cycle like a beautiful butterfly, where I have seen a lot, travelled across Europe and back, and learnt a great deal from different people, projects and tasks.

And now, the next cycle will start (started) again, in hope to flourish again in another responsible and creative butterfly.

So, I am sure that at this point you are curious and asking what will I be doing next?

… I have decided (or destiny did for me) to embrace new challenges on a different level and will now be working as a freelancer/consultant, doing what I love doing most: IT Project/Product Management, Business Analysis and Design. I am lucky to have already been introduced to companies in EdTech and the FinTech industry, leaving European Projects a bit behind.

On a final and positive note, I’ve learnt one thing from this journey; Believe in yourself, and once you have made the final decision that a change is needed, do it, do not wait, as weeks turn into months and months turn into years.

You can keep following my journey either my blog, on LinkedIn or Facebook. You can also email me to catch up over tea on info@annaliseduca.me.

3 thoughts on “The butterfly life cycle and ME”

  1. I could always see the beautiful butterfly that you would become, even when you were an “egg” … So proud of you dear … Finally you can use all the entrepreneurship knowhow you’ve learnt over the years to practical use! … Good luck as always.

  2. A very nice description of the whole lot that you have gone so far and to what a change might effect you physiologically and emotionally. I fully agree that nowadays there is no room to stay in your comfort zone. This will be the time to move on. Good luck. Achieve, proceed and keep growing

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