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Annalise Duca

Business System Analyst, Team Lead, Creative.


From a very young age I recall having this passion for technology. I was always determined to follow a career in technology, and so I did! I graduated in BSc (Hons) Computing from the University of Greenwich, whilst few years ago I've completed a Higher National Diploma in Management and Administration from the University of Malta.

I've worked for over 12 years on several EU Funded IT Projects which helped me gain experience in Creative Design, Business Systems Analysis, Web Development, Social Media, Product Design and Project/Product Management. Recently I also got involved in a start up called - iSmart; an inclusive app for students with learning difficulties.

My top skills are:

  1. interpreting what business people want and what the technical teams can achieve.
  2. making teams as productive as they can be, yet ensuring they are doing it with passion.


Business Analyst

It's never easy understanding what what your client needs but with the right approach, this can be achieved.

Team Lead

Keeping your project on track is important. Leading by example is my mantra!

Creative Design

Left brain or right brain? A creative person is always ideal to have within your team 😉

Product Design

A product is not only great if it functions the way it should but also if it looks right.

Social Media

It could be just for fun, but it can also be used to connect great products and companies with people.


Adobe Creative Suite
Adobe Creative Suite
Google App Suite
Google App Suite
Microsoft Office Suite
Microsoft Office Suite
Operating Systems
Operating Systems

Programming Languages

PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Java, MySql, XML, Java for Android
PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Java, MySql, XML, Java for Android

Work Experience

iSmart Ltd

Role: Team Lead / Product Design

iSmart is a start up within the EdTech sector and my involvement was from an initial stage. My role relates to the product design of the app/portal. I also lead the development team for the successful implementation of new iSmart releases. It is under my remit to also ensure that each function is designed and released as per the external experts, the requirements and according to the set deadline. I also liaise with foreign agents and taking care of the marketing aspects.

AcrossLimits Ltd

Role: IT Project Manager

AcrossLimits writes and participates in European Union projects (Erasmus+ /Horizon2020). I am involved in the planning, managing and implementation of the IT aspects of these mentioned projects. Daily tasks include; Business Analysis, Time & Cost Estimation, Developing Schedules, Reporting and Leading the rest of the IT team. Responsible also of keeping websites updated and Social Media pages active, including the designs of banners, posters and logos.

AcrossLimits Ltd

Role: Web and eLearning Developer/ Designer

Was also involved in the creation and development of several websites and eLearning platforms for different EU projects. My role involved also the designing of adverts, flyers, posters and other dissemination Material.

I was also involved in the creation of eLearning content and courses. Gave teachers training about tools, apps and technology for the classroom.

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in the "Women in ICT Focus Group" with eSkills

Education & Training

  • 2015

    Higher National Diploma in Management & Administration

    September 2012 – June 2015 / University of Malta – FEMA – Malta

  • 2011

    Android Mobile Application Development

    October 2011 – December 2011 / I.C.E – Institute of Computer Education, Malta

  • 2010

    BSc (Hons) in Computing

    January 2007 – June 2010 / Malta University Services Ltd collaboration with University of Greenwich (UK)